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Meet Dave Sanford

In 1999 I was lucky to find Ellie and Rockie. Ellie was a Black Lab and Rockie was a Teacup Poodle. I had know idea how these 2 little female dogs would steal my heart away. Like most of us I ran to the Vet to made sure they were healthy. The Vet said to feed the Gerber baby rice and ground beef for the first few weeks.

After that I looked for a good dog food to feed my new friends. I have been in the print and packaging business for many years, so I am not fooled by pretty pictures of dogs or images of fresh ingredients. I tried many canned and bag foods, but was always disappointed on how they looked and smelled. I would never put a spoon in and eat what I was told was good for my dogs.

Before Ellie was 1 she was having hot spots and scratching too often. That is when I met Joyce and Shari from Coco’s Canine Cuisine and they shared a bag of their homemade food. Ellie and Rockie loved it and I was hooked immediately. After about 2 weeks, Ellie stopped scratching and her coat was shinny and beautiful.

I fed both of them Coco’s for 15 years. I made a big batch (24oz packet, and 2 lbs. Of meat) on Sunday that took about 30 minutes and I let it cool on the stove. That fed them for the entire week.

I was convinced that off-the-shelf commercial canned or bagged food contained cereal fillers, artificial dyes and colorings will only make dogs sick and unhealthy. That’s when I went online to search about homemade meals for dogs.

Healthier Homemade Meals for Dogs
I discovered an entire society of people who routinely prepared homemade meals for their dogs using their own choice of protein and one of several different all-natural herb & vegetable base mixtures as a base. Up until this time I had always been told, never feed a dog people food.

I Bought a Bag then Bought the Company
Not only were Ellie and Rockie impressed with their new, healthier homemade meals they were being treated to, so was I. In no time we could see Ellie’s coat regaining its luster and the spring returning to her gate. Both went on to live a long, happy and healthy life. Much of the credit I give to Coco’s Canine Cuisine and when an opportunity to buy the company from its original founders, I jumped at the chance.

I invite every dog owner who believes their family pet deserves healthy homemade meals to join in. Send us your recipes and personal experiences. The old axiom ‘you are what you eat’ applies to dogs too, all the more reason to serve your healthy homemade meals every change you get.

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