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How to Make Healthy Dog Food and Increase Your Dog’s Life Span

Your dog is at your mercy when it comes down to the choices you make for his/her lifestyle and diet. In fact, many of the choices you make could influence just how long your dog will remain by your side. Healthy dog food can make all the difference. And you can learn how to make healthy dog food.  Get your free sample here

Did you know that the oldest known dog anywhere in the world was a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) named Bluey, who lived for 29 years and 160 days? There was also a Labrador named Bella in the UK who lived a healthy, happy life for more than 28 years.

Yet the average life span of a dog domesticity is around 10-11 years. It should make you wonder why this is so. It should also make you wonder whether it’s possible to increase your dog’s lifespan beyond the average expectancy.

There are a few good tips available for increasing your dog’s potential lifespan. These include healthy dog food, regular physical exercise, and mental stimulation in the form of playing games or solving challenges. Many vets will also recommend having a dog neutered or spayed, as this can also reduce the risk of testicular cancer in male dogs and uterine cancer in female dogs.

Obese and overweight dogs also face an increased risk of premature death, as the extra stress on joints and the immune system can cause other health risks. Dogs should be kept within a healthy weight range with good muscle tone for improved life expectancy.

However, many vets may recommend dog owners should include vitamin supplements in a dog’s diet to help improve a dog’s health and potentially increase lifespan. What this tactic fails to recognize is that with healthy dog food and a nutritious diet, supplements shouldn’t be required.

It also implies that the commercial dog food most people feed their pets is sufficiently lacking in the right vitamins, mineral and nutrients to supply their dog with the healthy diet they deserve.

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