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We are on a mission to give dogs a chance to avoid cancer and other damaging and terminal diseases so they can live long healthy lives... and so that you will enjoy their companionship for years to come. So we have made trying Coco's risk free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you (and your dog) are not delighted with Coco's Canine Cuisine just return the unused portion for a full refund. I don't know what could be more fair than that.

Bags are 12 oz. and will yield 8 cups.
Minimum order of 4 bags, all prices include free shipping.

Bags Price Yields in CupsPer Cup Price
$27.50  32  $0.86 
$49.00  64  $0.77
12  $69.00  96  $0.72
16  $90.00  128  $0.70
24  $120.00  192  $0.63

Order 12 oz. Bags of Coco's Canine Cuisine

If you want to order the larger bags (24oz) just send me an email dave@cocoscaninecuisine.com and I will send them in place of the order above.

To setup recurring shipments, please contact dave@cocoscaninecuisine.com.