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Client Testimonials & Reviews

Name: Gail Slack
Dog Name: Maxie

Maxie was really adorable the first time she was fed Coco’s. She took one bite and started to take another and looked at me, glancing sideways, almost to say am I supposed to be eating this food? It smells clean and cooks well and she is loving it. Our cats looked very jealous… I blended food made with ground beef and were not interested. I am going to try ground chicken next and see if I get a different reaction. I look forward to continuing to share my experience with Maxie and her health improvements with this new food. Love, Gail & Maxie

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I just wanted to give you our personal testimonial about your wonderful dog food Coco’s Canine Cuisine. Our rescue poodle, Daisy, was very ill and emaciated when we brought her into our home 11 years ago. I researched online and found your natural dog food Coco’s Canine Cuisine and ordered it for her. It was the only food she would eat for her entire life. We lost Daisy a few months ago, but I assure you if/when we bring another special family member into our home, Coco’s will be the only food we will feed her.

Best wishes on your adventure with Coco’s.

Nancy Wright

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